Academic Discipline

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Educational Objectives

Under the educational goal of "educating next-generation convergent industrial designers armed with the spirit to pursue challenges and experiments, combined with creativity" by providing convergent education based on a balance of creative planning ability, problem solving ability, logical thinking, products (smart, analog) and furniture, including exploration of cutting-edge scientific technologies such as digital and ubiquitous technologies, the Department of Industrial Design has the following Three Specialization Strategies.

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교육목표 사진 2
  • ① NCS-based professional education
  • ② Promotion of studio-centered industry-academia cooperation projects
  • ③ Development of design-technology convergence industry-oriented contents

Operation plan

This course aims to produce professionals with imagination, creativity, and logical thinking to lead the future cultural industry as well as industrial design. To this end, the course features a field-centered differentiated practical design curriculum converging humanities industrial design, art science, and humanities. Its differentiated industry-academia-linked curriculum focused on design projects is aimed at cultivating specialists through individual customized studio subjects in order to continuously improve the quality of education for creative planning and solving skills.


Curriculum (two-year course)
Semester Division Course Title Credit Lecture
Major Computer Aided Design I 3 1 2
Behavior Design 4 1 3
Product Design Ⅰ 4 1 3
Furniture Design Ⅰ 4 1 3
Subtotal 15 4 11
Major Computer Aided Design II 3 1 2
Convergence Project I 4 1 3
Future Concept Design 4 1 3
Start-up and Design Business 4 1 3
Subtotal 15 4 11
Major Computer Aided Design III 3 1 2
Design Criticism 4 1 3
Thesis Project I 4 1 3
Thesis Project II 4 1 3
Subtotal 15 4 11
Major Convergence Project IV 4 1 3
Thesis Study I 4 1 3
Thesis Study II 4 1 3
Portfolio 3 1 2
Subtotal 15 4 11
Total 60 16 44
Philhyun Youn

Philhyun Youn (Chair of Department)

Domus Academy (Interior & Living) - Master Degree
University of Wales – Master Degree
Kaywon University of Art and Design (Furniture Design) - Bachelor Degree
Seoil University (Furniture Design) - Instructor
Gyeonggido Business & Science Accelerator Furniture Business – Jury
National Furniture Planing License - Question Committee
Borneo Furniture - Design Researcher
Gangnam Health Care Furniture at Seoul National University – Furniture Design
Ewha Womans University Dormitory – Fruniture Design
Borneo Furniture - Office furniture ‘Balance’ series design
Individual Exhibition – orea Craft and Design Culture Promotion Agency

Chanjun Park

Chanjun Park

Domus Academy (Industrial Design) Master Degree
Hongik University (Industirial Design) Bachelor Degree
Hyundai Motor Design Center
Hongik University, Ewha Womans University - Adjunct Professor
Oak Valley, Phoenix Park - Lighting Design
Korea National Museum - Architectural Landscape Lighting Design
KTX(Korea Train Express) Train Design - Advisory Committee
Suwon World Cup Stadium Lighting Design - Art Director
the Korea Crafts Competition - Jury
Bauhaus 100th anniversary exhibition - Curator

Sangkwon Kim

Sangkwon Kim

Chung-Ang University (Furniture Design) - Master Degree
Chung-Ang University (Craft Art) – Bachelor Degree
Gyeonggido Business & Science Accelerator Furniture Business – Jury
Korean Furniture Society – Member
Individual Exhibition – Gallery Choi
Book Publication – Furniture Design, Furniture-making Technics, Interior Design, Furniture Design (Seoul Metropolitan High School Accreditation Book)

Sangjang (Paul) Lee

Sangjang (Paul) Lee

Cranbrook Academy of Art (3D Design) - Master Degree
Art Institute of Pittsburgh (Industrial Design) - Bachelors Degree
Ahn Yang City Hall – Public Design Consultant
Gyongki Association of Design – Director fo Product Design Department
Hongik University IDSA- Adjunct Professor
NC Soft – Design Consultant
Samsung Electronics SAIT
The Walt Disney Company – Consumer Product Designer
Korea Design Award – Jury
Pin-Up Design Award – Jury
Korea Association of Industrial Designers – Distinguished Professor Award