About Kaywon

  • 홈 아이콘

Founding Philosophy and Educational Goal

Our Founding Philosophy

Kaywon University of Art and Design was founded by Chun, Rak Won in 1993. His founding philosophy is to provide truth and Christianity-based, higher-level arts education.

Our Educational Goal

Since its opening in 1993, Kaywon has been dedicated to nurturing and challenging talented individuals through standards of excellence. Kaywon functions under the educational goal to “foster future leaders in the creative culture industry through the convergence of art, design, and technology as a university specializing in art and design education.” This is also realized by our philosophy of talent, equipped with “personality, intellect, and the power of execution.“


Creative Epicenter Kaywon
▶ A Special Venue for Creators,
    the World of Creators

Kaywon has declared its Vision 2021 towards becoming a creative epicenter specializing in art and design education. To accomplish this, we have integrated an immersive studiobased education where students learn through hands-on creation in an industrialacademic cooperation to be future leaders in the creative culture industry. We also strive to materialize a Plan-DoCheck-Action (PDCA)-based Continuous Quality Improvement system for consistent excellence in education. Our challenge to achieve our Vision 2021 continues at this moment. Kaywon will move from being South Korea’s leading creative epicenter in art and design education, and become a core center of culture in the world.