Academic Discipline

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Educational Objectives

"to make people happy in space."
"A talent who increases creative sensitivity and communication skills and creates space with passion."
The major is to train "creative space directors with passion," a fusion of modern art and design and technology, with the aim of "creating leaders in the creative cultural industry."

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Not being satisfied with the space production special event space in the limited stage performances and video art, fiction, media space, exhibitions, theme park space, Fair, theme, such as extensive. Fiction, seeking representation of the Space Design and develop the curriculum of workers directly to the real work can be used by job competence to help. Justice, Key task is the production space planning, design, manufactured and fabrication, installation, presentation in industrial settings to "director with a passion for creative space" to the type of people in need. Defines and culture towards the convergence of industry trends and culture in the 21st century liberal arts expertise with creativity and imagination that require extensive space production special. Pioneer of creative cultural industries that can work in the field of future leaders of the education targets.


학과 특성화전략
Semester Division Course Title Credit Lecture
1-1 Major Dramatic Space Creation : An introduction 3 1 2
Major Basic Moving Image 3 1 2
Major Material & Expression Workshop 3 1 2
Major Basic Drawing 3 1 2
Major Introduction to Design 3 1 2
Major Introduction to Computer 3 1 2
Subtotal 18 6 12
1-2 Major Dramatic Space Creation I 3 1 2
Major Moving Image Workshop 3 1 2
Major Introduction to 3D Computer Design 3 1 2
Major Storytelling 3 1 2
Major Object Art Ⅰ 3 0 3
Major Design Education Theory 2 2 0
Major An Introduction Culture and Arts Education 2 2 0
Subtotal 19 8 11
2-1 Major Dramatic Space Creation Ⅱ 3 1 2
Major Stage Design I 3 1 2
Major 3D Computer Design Ⅰ 3 1 2
Major Object Art II 3 0 3
Major Alternative SpaceⅠ 3 0 3
Major Lighting Workshop I 3 1 2
Major Design Teaching-Learning Methods 2 2 0
Subtotal 20 6 14
2-2 Major Dramatic Space Creation III 3 1 2
Major Stage Design II 3 1 2
Major 3D Computer Design II 3 1 2
Major Alternative SpaceⅡ 3 0 3
Major Lighting Workshop II 3 1 2
Major Development of Design Education Programs 2 2 0
Subtotal 17 6 11
3-1 Major Dramatic Space Creation Ⅳ 4 1 3
Major 3D Presentation I 3 0 3
Major Event Design I 4 1 3
Major Understanding and Practice in Culture & Art Education Field 2 2 0
Major Entrepreneurship & Intellectual Pro 3 1 2
Subtotal 16 5 11
3-2 Major Dramatic Space Creation Ⅴ 4 1 3
Major 3D Presentation II 3 0 3
Major Event Design II 4 1 3
Major Independent Study 4 0 4
Major Graduation Project 0 0 0
Subtotal 15 2 13
Major total 105 33 72
Total 105 33 72

Na, Sang-Kwee (Chair of Department)

M.A. in Theatre Studies, Shanghai Theater Academy, China
A.A. in Dramatic Space Creation, Kaywon University of Art & Design
Tianjin SHUGIA cosmetics Co., Ltd. (Space Team Director)
Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre (Guest Stage Designer)
The Scenic Design (Art Director)
Asian Shakespeare Intercultural Archive (Associate Editor)
'Da shu xi qian' stage Design (2017, China), 'Nolboo 4men' stage Design (2006), etc
8th Hebei Province Theater Festival, Award (Lian juan xi feng, Stage Design)

Kwihyun Park

Seoul National University of Industry Completed the Top Korean Culture Academy
Tokyo University of Japan, Department of Fine Arts, majoring in imaging Arts and Sciences
Musashino Art University Master Degree Program, Scenography, Display and Fashion Design
Hongik University Graduate School of Industrial Art and Stage Art
Seoul National University Art College Sculpture Department
a number of Musicals & Plays Scenography
Exhibition of Science+Art, General supervision
World Wide Network Art_Planning of the Korean side
Solo Exhibition _BBANG
Digital Marionette puppet show _Dream of HANA
The Minister of Education’s citation
Dramativ Space Creation _Contents of calabash

Inoue Ekukko

Joshibi University of Art and Design (JAPAN)
BA of Fine Arts
Seoul National University, College of Fine Arts
MA of Painting (Completion)
Kyonggi University, General Graduate School
MA of Japanese language & literature(Graduated)
Ph.D of Japanese language && literature(Comletion)

Fuji Seikyoujyo Co., Lrd.
Development department
-Kyonggi University, The institute of International Education Lecture
-Kyonggi University, Department of Japanese language & literature Lecture
-Seogang University, Foreign language Education Center Lecture

Kangsoo Lee

Master of Arts and Fusion Graduate School of Kyung Hee University
Color Design Expert Course at Ewha Womans University Color Design Research Institute
Graduated from Kaywon school of Art and Design
Currently) assistant professor of spatial directing at Dramatic Space Creation
Previously) Samsung C&T Resort Pro
Previously) MBC Art Center (Movie "Red Eye" Set Design)
Hong Kong Design For Asia (DFA) Awards 2014 Merit Recognition Award
Japan Exhibition 2015-2019 "IBSTUDIO the original form Design