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Educational Objectives

The Advanced Major Course in Intermedia Art is a place for education to achieve the realistic goal of acquiring a bachelor's degree and at the same time a playground for creative youth artists who can expand the concepts and way of thinking in art. The Department of Intermedia Art aims to become a platform for open art education in which various media and genres coexist beyond the limitations of existing art education categorized by field by deepening the conventional educational philosophy and curriculum of the associate’s degree course (3-year course) of the Department of Intermedia Art at Kaywon University of Art and Design.

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This course aims at providing a contemporary open education in which humanities, science, digital software, and other fields, as well as adjacent art fields such as performing art, sound art, literature, and fashion converge and communicate based on traditional art fields such as painting, installation, and video. Besides, the Department of Intermedia Art aims to produce “future-oriented self-reliant youth artists” preparing for an art revolution in the upcoming fourth revolutionary era. To this end, the Department of Intermedia Art has prepared a convergence curriculum that includes tool education, theoretical education, and practical education, focusing on the core concepts of connectivity, compatibility, and coexistence. Students will prepare for the future as a communication-oriented youth artist who finds and solves artistic problems by intensively conducting one-on-one customized projects for one year with full-time professors who are actively engaged in the art field.

Operation plan

The Advanced Major Course in Intermedia Art aims to produce self-reliant young artists who are able to adapt themselves to the new art environment and meet the demands of the times in the 21st century that is undergoing tremendous change. To this end, the focus is on providing open convergence education that links art, humanities, and technology.


Curriculum (one-year course)
Semester Division Course Title Credit Lecture
Major Reading the visual culture
- All About the visuality
4 2 2
Performance Studies 4 2 2
Contemporary Sound Art Studies 4 2 2
Media Art Workshop 2 1 1
Subtotal 14 7 7
Major Contemporary Art – Issues & Review 4 2 2
Contemporary Art Practices Workshop 4 2 2
Fashion Platform and Art Branding 4 2 2
Curatorial Studies 4 2 2
Subtotal 16 8 8
Total 30 15 15
홍성민 교수님 사진

Hong Sungmin (Chair of Department)

Teaching visual art and Performance.
The School of Art Institute of Chicago (BFA)
Directed Space Hamilton, and 19performance Relay.
Installations/Performance Works Shown Biennales and Theaters since 1994.
Awarded Art Work of Year (2005/National Art Council)

서동진 교수님 사진

Seo Dongjin

Seo Dongjin is professor of Intermedia Art at Kaywon University of Art and Design. He is a member of the editorial committee for <Marxism 21> and <Economy and Society>. In recent years, he has written about visual art and performance. He is the author of books such as <After the contemporaneity: time, experience, and image> (2018), <The nap of the dialectics> (2014), <The will to freedom, the will to self-empowerment> (2009), <Design melancholia> (2009), and has also co-authored many other books. In addition, he has been part of the curatorial process in exhibitions such as <Read My Lips> (Hapjungjigu), <Urban Ritornello> (Ilmin Museum of Art) and as a dramaturge in performances such as <Big, Big, Big Thank You>, <Name Names Naming Named> and <Other Scenes> . His research interests include contemporary art practices in Korea and Asian countries and historical/curatorial discourses of art history in Asia. He is a co-curator in upcoming exhibition Non-Aligned Movement: From Bandung to Gwangju (working title) (Asia Culture Center, 2020) as a co-curator and a chief editor of The Non-Aligned Movement Reader (2020).

유진상 교수님 사진

YOO Jinsang, b. 1965 in Seoul

Since 1993, YOO Jinsang have worked as artist, critic, curator, and currently (in 2020) is advisory committee member of Gwangju Biennale, board member of Paradise Art Lab(PAL) and committee member of Korean International Art Fair(KIAF). He also was presidential committee member of Cultural Enlightenment Committee(2013-2015), advisory committee member of Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art(MMCA), Board Director of Korea Art Management Service(KAMS) and Outside Director of Kukje Gallery. He graduated Western Painting Dept., Fine Art College in Seoul National University(1987), L’école nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs (1990), D.E.A (Diplôme d’études approfondies) of L’université Paris I in Département de l’Art plastique and L’université Paris VIII in Département de Philosophie (1991).

He curated exhibitions as following :
2019 “Future Minds” (Board), Paradise Art Lab (PAL), Yeonjongdo, Incheon “Paranoid Park”, Co-curating, Hwarang Art Festival, COEX Hall, Seoul
2018 “Forêt du nord”, Galerie RX, Paris
2016 ”Staring at you staring at me”; Khiasma, Ygrec, Grands voisins, Paris; Amado Art Space, Seoul
2015 ”Khiasma Project”, collective curating, Espace Khiasma, Paris “On the way to red”, Beijing Fashion Academy, Beijing
2014 ”Score”, Sangam DMC Promotion Hall, Seoul “Grace”, Sangam DMC Promotion Hall, Seoul “Under the Same Moon”, Seoul Culture Foundation, Seoul “Super Romantics”, Daegu Art Factory, Daegu
2013 ”Better Than Universe”, Daegu Art Factory, Daegu “Two or Three Things I Know About NamJune Paik”, Art Flash, KIAF, Seoul
2012 ”Media City Seoul 2012 : Spell on you”, Seoul Museum of Art
2011 ”National Museum of Contemporary Art’s Collection Exhibition : Abstract it!”, Deoksugung Museum, Seoul
2010 “In Fact, Out Matters”, Gallery 27, Kaywon School of Art & Design
2009 ”Collector’s Fantasy”, Gallery 27, Kaywon School of Art & Design
2008 ”1st. ASYAAF(Asian Students and Young Artists’ Art Festival”, Old Seoul Railway Station building, Seoul
2007 ”ARCO(Spain) Republic of Korea’s Guest Country Edition“, COEX Hall, Seoul “On Painting”, Kukje Gallery, Seoul
2006 ”dna : design_network_asia”, Anyang Art Park, Anyang
2002 ”Crosstalk”, Art & Culture Foundation, Seoul “Real_Interface”, Space imA, Seouil
2000 ”2nd. Art Factory Show : Blind Love”, Changdong Soy Sauce Factory, Seoul
He wrote critical contributions since 1993 until now, especially many articles in Art Monthly(Korean) and Art in Culture among others, and translated “Cinéma I : image-mouvement” of Gilles Deleuze (Ed. Vision and Language)

이영준 교수님 사진

Lee Young June

Areas of interest: criticism and art theory
Seoul National University, College of Humanities, Department of Aesthetics (MA)
Binghamton University, Department of Art History (PhD)
Nervous City (2011)
Pegasus 10000 Miles (2012)
Machine Flaneur (2012)
Jo Choonman’s Heavy Industry (2014)
Space Sensation (2016)
Volklingen: Natural History of Industry (2018)

김성희 교수님 사진

Seonghee Kim

Seonghee Kim was the Artistic Director of Interdisciplinary Arts project at Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and the Artistic Director of Asian Arts Theatre at Asian Culture Complex. Kim has served positions as the founder and director of Festival Bo:m (2008-2013), an international interdisciplinary arts festival, the artistic director of Station 2 at Nam June Paik Art Center's Inaugural Festival(2008) and the organizer and director of MODAFE (International Modern Dance Festival, Seoul, 2001-2005).

2017-2018 Artistic Director of Interdisciplinary Arts project at Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
2013- 2016 Artistic Director of Asian Arts Theatre at Asian Culture Center
2008-2013: Founder and Artistic Director of Festival Bo:m
2008.10.: Artistic Director of Namjun Paek Art Center Opening, “Now Jump”, Station 2.
2007: Founder and Artistic Director of Spring Wave Festival
2005-2002: Organizer and director of MODAFE(International Modern Dance Festival, Seoul
2002.9-2006.2: Kyung Hee University, School of Management, PhD.
1997- 2000: New York University, Arts Administration, Masters
1989-1991: Ewha Womans University, College of Sports, Dance Department, Masters
1985-1989: Ewha Womans University, College of Sports, Dance Department, Bachelor
2007-Current: Professor at Kaywon University of Art & Design
2002-2007: Visiting Professor at Kyung Hee University, School of Management
2001-2002: Adjunct Professor at Kyung Hee University, School of Management

성기완 학과장님 사진

Kiwan SUNG(成耆完)

Poet, Musician, Sound Artist Seoul National University, College of Humanities, Department of French Language and Literature. (B.A., MA, Course work for PhD)
Poet: published 4 poetry books
Musician: Leader of a band called TRESBONBON(Afro-Asian Fusion Band)
Solo Musician: released 3 solo albums
Music Director of movie and theatre music Director of SSAP(Seoul Sound Archive Project)

- 2011 SSAP Seoul Cultrual Foundation Selected as Supported Artist for inter-media art category
- 2013 Asian Art Megazine “Light and Forest” Baum Artist Awards Winner.
- 2013 3rd Line Butterfly album: Korean Music Awards winner of Album of the Year, Song of the year(modern rock part), Album of the year(Modern Rock part)
- 2013 3rd Line Butterfly album: Imagene Awards, Album of the Year
- 2014 Invited as “Invited Residency Artist” for Gyeonggi Creative Center(GCC) (2 years)
- 2015 First Award Winner of Kim Hyun Literature Prize (Poetry department)

이보미 교수님 사진

Bomi Lee
Intermedia Art director

The art education Professor Bomi Lee wants to realize is to make students do seriously unique and competitive work by combining and blending design and art. She is also interested in combining design and art, including genres such as art, architecture, design, video, and film, and is also the organizer and general director of the international art & design event ‘Pecha-Kucha Seoul’.

2007-2019: Organizer and Director of International art & design event ‘Pecha-Kucha Seoul’
2014: Art Director of DDP Fashion Studio
2012: Exhibition Director of The Famous Young Artist’s Echo-Exhibition, Namsan Tower
2009: Exhibition Director of ‘Fashion & Art’, Greyhound
2005: Exhibition Director of ‘Fashion & Architect’, Wooduck Gallery
2004-2009: Judge of‘Young Fashion Designer of Seoul’
2001-2009: Main Designer member of ‘Seoul Collection’
2019: Echo Commendation of governor of Gyeonggi-do
Ewha Womans University,College of Art Department, ABD
Ewha Womans University,College of Art Department, Master’s
2010-Current: Professor at Kaywon Art University
2006-2008: Visiting Professor at Sang Myung University