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Educational Objectives

The aesthetic realm of art photography is ceaselessly expanding its influence in contemporary fine arts. And the rapid development of digital imaging process and web-based media ecosystem is accelerating the evolution of photographic expression and technicalities.

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In this critical period of transition, Department of Photographic Arts focuses on expanding the scope of photography through the amalgamation of other artistic mediums and fostering visual artist well equipped with creativity and professionalism to meet the evolving demands of the industry.


학과 특성화전략
Semester Division Course Title Credit Lecture
1-1 Major Study on Color Photography 3 2 1
Practice on Photographic Expression Ⅰ 3 1 2
Basic Photography 3 1 2
Introduction to Computer 3 1 2
History of Photography 3 3 0
Subtotal 15 8 7
1-2 Major Practical Digital Photography 3 1 2
Intermediate Photography 3 1 2
Practice on Photographic Expression II 3 1 2
Lighting & Large Format Photography 3 1 2
Photo Documentary 3 2 1
Contemporary Art & Drawing 3 1 2
Subtotal 18 7 11
2-1 Major Digital Art Photography 3 1 2
Applied Photography 3 1 2
Editorial & Fashion Photography 3 1 2
Study on Still life Photography 2 2 0
Study on New Media Art 3 1 2
Contemporary Photography 4 2 2
New document, Contemporary Photography 4 2 2
Subtotal 22 10 12
2-2 Major Digital Imiging CMS 3 1 2
Business Start-up and Marketing on Photography Studio 3 2 1
Graduate Study 4 2 2
Study on Contemporary Visual Artist 3 2 1
Exhibition & Publication 3 2 1
Creative photography workshops 3 1 2
Graduation Project 1 0 1
Subtotal 20 10 10
Major total 75 35 40
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Myoung oh Chung (Chair of Department)

B.A in Photography, College of fine Arts, KYUSHU SANGYO University
M.F.A in Photography, KYUSHU SANGYO University
Professor, Taegue Arts University (1993-1997)
ㆍSoul Space- Gyeongdong Church (Gyeongdong Gallery, Seoul)
ㆍSeen & Unseen’ APG Gallery, Japan
ㆍGUNKANJIMA’ , KAN gallery, Japan,
ㆍ2009 Seoul Potofair’, COEX, Seoul
ㆍIn March’, Velvet Gallery, Seoul
ㆍIndo China’, Kaywon Gallery, Seoul
ㆍSilent Scene’, Murasaki Gallery, Japan
ㆍLight and Shadow-Shinsa’, Gallery Ochiai, Japan
ㆍ2006 Seoul Photofair’, Gallery Art & Dream, Seoul

교수님 사진

Heinkuhn OH

B.A. Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, California
M.F.A Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
ㆍDicht op de huid (Close to the Skin)’, The Fries Museum, Netherlands (2015)
ㆍSeoul Vite, Vite’, Lille 3000 Art Festival, Lille, France(2015)
ㆍThe 17th Paris Photo Festival (2013)
ㆍBeyond the Silk Road’ Taksim Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey (2013)
ㆍKorean Rhapsody’, Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul(2011)
ㆍA Positive View’, Somerset House, London, England (2010),
ㆍSecret beyond the Doo’, Korean Pavilion, The 51st Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy(2005)
ㆍChaotic Harmony’, The Museum of fine arts, Houston, Texas and Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, CA (2009-2010)
ㆍThe 6th Internationale Fototage’, Herten, Germany (2001),
ㆍContemporary Korean Photographers, a new generation Fotofest 2000’, William Towers Gallery, Houston, Texas (2000)
ㆍSite of Desire, 1st Taipei Biennial’, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, ,Taipei, Taiwan (1998),
ㆍPause, Project 3’, The 4th Gwangju Biennale, Gwang-ju (2002)
ㆍThe 1st Daegu Photo Biennale’, Daegu (2006)
ㆍPhotoquai 4th Biennial’ Musée du Quai Branly, Paris, France (2014)
ㆍCosmetic Girls’, Kukje Gallery, Seoul
ㆍAjumma’, Art Sonje Center, Seoul
ㆍGirl's Act’, In Camera Gallery, Paris, France
ㆍHein-kuhn Oh’, Miki Wick Kim Gallery, Zurich, Swiss
Publication‘Girl’s Act’, ‘Middlemen’, ’Cosmetic Girls’, ‘Unfinished Portrait’‘Hein-kuhn OH, Portrait’, ‘Ajumma’
Collection National Museum of Contemporary Art Leeum-Samsung Museum of Art Ilmin Museum of Art, Art sonje Center The Hague Fotomuseum in Holland Aaron M. Tighe Collection
Award 2011 Dong Gang Photography 'The Photographer of the Year"

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Pratt Institute, Fine Arts (M.F.A), New York, U.S.A
KyungIl University, Photogrphy & Motion Picture (B.F.A)
2007 Illuminance National Photography Competition, Selected Superior Artist of 2007, Texas, U.S.A
2005 McCaig-Welles Show, Selected Artist, New York, U.S.A
2013 Another Ordinary Day Solo Exhibition, Kyunggi-do
2012 Mumbling to Myself Solo Exhibition, Seoul
2008 Internal Monologue Solo Exhibition, New York, U.S.A
2019 Sports Human Rights Photo Show, Seoul
2012 Residual Group Show, New York, U.S.A
2007 122 for 122 Show, New York, U.S.A
2006 Pratt Institute MFA Group Photo Show, New York, U.S.A
2019 Seoul Craft Museum Evaluation Board Member
2011 Chief Curator of JeonJu Photography Biennale

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Ph.D. Candidate in Photography(Digital Media) at Chung-Ang University, Seoul
Master of Professional Study in Digital Photography at School of Visual Arts, NYC
Bachelor’s Degree in Photography t School of Visual Arts, NYC
Bachelor’s Degree in Photography at Chung-Ang University, Seoul
ㆍSimulation’ Guangzhou Art Gallery (2014) China
ㆍTrialogue’ Galleria Emil (2013), Seoul
ㆍThe Uncommon Skin’(2012), Visual arts Gallery, NYC
Deputy Director, Color-Tech Laboratory at Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon
Datacolor Certified Digital Color Expert
Digital Technician Retoucher, STUDIO KONG, Seoul
ㆍPhotoshop Masking and Compositing 2nd Edition’ translated version
Post Production and Digital Compositing Expert
Client - Samsung Engineering, Hyundai, ESQUIRE, InStyle, ELLE
University Industry Cooperation Companies- Samsung Electronics, Samsung Display, Hyundai-NGV, LG Display, Canon, Nikon, Datacolor, Epson, BenQ, Wacom, Eizo, ASUS, ETRI