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Educational Objectives

Interior Architectural design is a field that creates a beautiful and efficient space based on knowledge and technology of human, culture, digital, environment. The Interior Architectural design Department cultivates creative, logical and convergent professional manpower through studio courses, industry-university cooperation projects, and 3D printing.

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  • Establishing creative space planning capabilities to respond to environmental changes and various social needs
  • Training of working-level human resources based on spatial planning capabilities that reflect the level of industry demand.
  • Training of technical talent centered on construction capacity for the realization of interior design space


Semester Division/th> Course Title Credit Lecture
Major Introduction to Space Design 4 2 2
Digital Drawing 4 1 3
Ideation to Creation 3 1 2
Interior Architectural Drawing 4 1 3
Subtotal 15 5 10
Major Digital Sketch 4 1 3
Interior Architectural
Design Workshop Ⅰ
Residence Space
4 0 4
Modern Interior Design Theory 2 2 0
Form & Space 3 1 2
Furniture Planning for Interior Space 3 1 2
Spatial Perception and Behavior 2 2 0
Subtotal 18 7 11
Major Preview Modeling 4 1 3
Interior Architectural
Design Workshop Ⅱ
Retail Space Design 4 0 4
Interior Planning Theory 2 1 1
Space Coordination Planing 4 2 2
Environmental Color Planning 3 1 2
Materiality 2 1 1
Subtotal 19 6 13
Major Interior Architectural Design Studio Ⅰ 4 0 4
Space Design Marketing 2 1 1
Digital Rendering and Lighting 4 1 3
Space Coordination Practice 4 1 3
Lighting Planning for Interior Space 3 1 2
Interior Structure and Finishing 3 2 1
Subtotal 20 6 14
Major Interior Architectural Design Studio Ⅱ 4 0 4
Parametric Animation 3 1 2
Environmental Design Studio 4 1 3
Drawing Development Package 4 1 3
Interior Architectural Construction 3 2 1
Subtotal 18 5 13
Major Graduation Work Studio 4 0 4
Portfolio 3 1 2
Working Drawing Package 4 1 3
Field Practical Training 4 3 1
Graduation Project 1 0 1
Subtotal 16 5 11
total 106 34 72
박찬준 교수님 사진

Park, Chanjoon (Chair of Department)

Department Of Architecture, KyungHee University
Diplôme de l’école CAMONDO, Paris
A l’agence d’architecture et l’urbanisme, Paris
Chez "Christian & Elizabeth de Portzamparc"
PJ Design
PURUMIN In Architect Co.

정선애 교수님 사진

Jung, Sunae

Bachelor’s Degree, Colleg of Art & Design, Ewha Womans University
Master Degree, Interior Deisgn, Hongik Univ.
Dr. Degree, Department Of Architectural Engineering, Hongik. Univ.
T.L. Deisng Nos Co.
Gomi-Design Co.
Advisory Prof. (Environment Color) DSR Center. Of Samsung
Commissioner Of Suwon Outdoor Advertising Jury
Director Of Korea Society of Color Studies
Specialist of Color, Seoul Metropolitan Of Education.

명선식 교수님 사진

Myeong, Sunsik

Hongik school of Architecture, Hongik University
Diplome d’architektur RWTH Aachen Univ.
BDA AKNW, Germany
Prof. Gottfried Boehm Architekturbüro (Koeln)
Clemenz & Partners Architekturbüro (Aachen)
Member Of KIA
Junglim Architecture Co.

이택열 교수님 사진

Lee, Taekyeol

CEO of Total Design Group
Department of Architecture at Kookmin University(bachelor’s Degree)
Architectural Design of Kookmin University Graduate School of Design(Master of Arts)

lecturer in the Department of Crafts at Sangmyung University
member of the Korean Society of Culture and Space Architecture
member of the Korean Indoor Architects Association

연재진 교수님 사진

Yeon, Jaejin

CEO of SP Design
Department of Interior Architecture, Soongsil University (bachelor’s Degree)
Department of Spatial Information, University of Seoul (Master of Engineering)
Department of Spatial Information, University of Seoul(Ph.D. Course)

"3ds Max 2018+Vray+Lumion"
"3ds Max 2017+Vray+Lumion"
Architectural Interior Model 3D Printing Reality (Co-author)

장용해 교수님 사진

Jang, Yonghae

CEO of Design ER
Department of Architecture, Seoul National University of Science and Technology (bachelor's degree)
Department of Housing Planning and Design, Graduate School of Housing,Seoul National University of Science and Technology (Master's degree)
Department of Architecture, Seoul National University of Science and Technology (doctoral completion)

Lloyd Interior Architecture Design Co., Ltd
Pungjin ID Co., Ltd
Human Town Design Specialist, Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Development Research Institute for Interior Design of NCS

승재연 교수님 사진

Seung, Jaeyeon

CEO of Taedam Design
Department of Decorative Art, Ewha Women's University, Interior Environmental Design(bachelor's degree)

Director of Design Alle
Pungjin ID Co., Ltd
Vice-Chairman of the Color Committee
of the Korean Interior Design Society

명은정 교수님 사진

Myeong, Eunjeong

Department of Interior Design, Sangmyung University
Kookmin University Graduate School of Design, Interior Design Major (Master's degree)

Chonggu Construction , Interior Team
CozyHome Decor in NY
Homeplus , Retail Design Team
Vin Design , Operations Director
KOSID , Director of the Korea Indoor Architects Association
internidecor , advisor

book :

이연수 교수님 사진

Lee, Yeonsoo

EWHA WOMANS UNIVERSITY/Department of Interior Environment Design (bachelor's degree)

Parsons school of design, New York / Architectural Lighting design (Master’s Degree)

Yonsei University/ Department of Interior Architecture (Doctor’s Degree)

Hanssem Interior Development Office
Alto Design Research Institute
Architectural Design Group of Samsung C&T Co., Ltd
Seoul Metropolitan Advisory Committee
Advisory Committee on Interior Design of SH Corporation

윤대익 교수님 사진

Yoon, Daeik


Department of Interior Architectural Design, Kaywon University of Arts & Design (bachelor’s Degree)
Department of Architecture, Seoul National University of Science and Technology (Master’s Degree)