Academic Discipline

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Advanced Major Course

Kaywon's Advanced Major Courses allow students with college-level or higher academic qualifications to obtain four-year Bachelor’s degrees.

공간연출학과 사진

Dramatic Space Creation

Give the final touches on the stage, and videos of video clips, such as virtual space wide representation of the space without the humans can live is and to increase the desire to pursue space.Rich and, more beautifully, and more modern cultural expression that you want to finish by the spirit of a high level.

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순수미술학과  사진

Fine Art

The objectives and goals of education curriculum of fine arts in education with creativity and Art for the Promotion of human resources with executive power and fusion of science and technology education.Oriented. This is creative culture industry leader, fine arts as cultivate expert manpower to and for that purpose and for the harmonization of industrial sites and college education.Specialized job training, the educational objectives.

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융합예술학과 사진

Intermedia Art

Art majors with convergence process is a huge change to adapt to a new art in the 21st century environment and meet the demands of the artist's young ‘ the Independent.Training aimed at ’. To that end, the arts, humanities, deepen the fusion technology is an open one that is linked.

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광고브랜드디자인학과 사진

Advertising & Branding

The advertising and brand design department of Gyewon Arts University aims to "cultivate brand value creators who respect themselves, cooperate with others, and create and implement various values for the social community." The following three specialization strategies are ①creative and integrated education, ②NCS-based practical expert education, and ③social innovation start-ups.

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디지털미디어디자인학과  사진

Digital Media Design

The Department of Digital Media Design is establishing the "Three Specialized Strategies" under the educational goal of "cultivating talents who can produce creative cultural contents of the digital media industry through the convergence education of design, science and technology, and education centered on industrial demand." 'Three Specialization Strategies' are ①NCS-based practical expert training ②Studio-centered industry-academic cooperation project vitalization ③Design technology convergence industry leading contents development.

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영상디자인학과 사진

Moving Image Design

The video design department of Keiwon University of Arts aims to foster leaders in creative cultural industries through education based on imagination, creativity and science and technology as a specialized university for arts design. Since its opening in 1993, it aims to foster video design contents and production experts who understand various media through convergence education of design and video technology.

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애니메이션학과  사진


Animation should secure specialized technical completeness as modern popular cultural industry. Based on the understanding of animation production processes such as planning, production, and second-half work, the animation department will train creative animation experts who work in all areas of the cultural industry by educating them on production techniques in different fields that utilize various techniques.

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산업디자인학과 사진

Industrial Design

The Department of Industrial Design is establishing 'three major specialization strategies' under the educational goal of 'creating a next-generation industrial designer who fosters challenging experimental spirit and creativity through a balanced convergence education of creative planning, problem-solving skills, logical thinking, products (smart, analog) and households.'

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건축인테리어디자인학과  사진

Interior Architectural Design

It operates a sustainable curriculum that transcends boundaries between fields through convergence education in design, art and science and technology.

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전시디자인학과  사진

Display & Exhibition Design

With creative convergence education that adds science and technology to creativity-imagination, the goal is to foster creative cultural industry leaders that converge art design in the field of exhibition design.

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