Academic Discipline

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Educational Objectives

This course aims to provide junior college graduates with practical training opportunities for exhibition design so that they can build their own competitiveness.

  • Learning the entire process of exhibition design planning, design, production, and operation.
  • Understanding new changes in exhibition design trends and acquiring three competitive ‘individual skills’.
  • Deepening practical knowledge under the cooperative guidance of industry experts and professors in the specific fields that each student wants to major in
  • Strengthening creative capacity through experimental R&D processes related to new materials, technologies, designs, and services required by industries
  • Promoting the development of the exhibition design field by supplying a creative workforce that continuously develops with the practical skills required by the exhibition design industry
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Operation plan

  • Joint teaching in which the responsible professor becomes a coordinator who plans and operates a class, and professors participate in each major to complete the class.
  • Block-type education, a short-term intensive education in which subjects are completed one by one
  • Studio with 20 seats dedicated to advanced courses, always available for work, industry-academia cooperative mentoring and small lectures
  • Weekend classes for industry-academia cooperation classes, prospective employees, and employees


Curriculum (one-year course)
Semester Division Course Title Credit Lecture
Major Exhibit Planning Practices 3 3 0
Exhibit Design Practices 3 0 3
Exhibition Production Deepen 3 0 3
Industry-Acadmic Cooperation Project Ⅰ
(Cultural Exhibition Planning)
3 0 3
Industry-Acadmic Cooperation Project Ⅱ
(Display & VMD)
3 0 3
Subtotal 15 3 12
Major Exhibit Operational Practices 3 3 0
Exhibit Production Practices 3 0 3
Exhibition of The Seminar 3 0 3
Industry-Acadmic Cooperation Project Ⅲ
(Education Exhibition)
3 0 3
Industry-Acadmic Cooperation Project Ⅳ
(Trade Exhibition and Convention Design)
3 0 3
Subtotal 15 3 12
Total 30 6 24
전영대 교수님 사진

Jeon, yeong dae (Chair of Department)

Ÿ Hongik University, BFA Industrial Design
Ÿ Hongik University Graduate School, MFA Industrial Design
Ÿ Kyung Hee University Graduate School, Ph.D. Candidate in Formative
Ÿ ’International Exposition Yeosu Korea 2012’ Exhibition director of the Maritime Port Hall
Ÿ GaywonDaehak-ro in Uiwang City, MP for the Improvement of Public Design
Ÿ The 4th Gwangju Biennale, Exhibition Designer
Ÿ Korea Floritopia(2002), Design of the Theme Pavilion Ÿ Korea Job World, Non-executive director

최정심 교수님 사진

Choi, Jeong-sim

Ÿ B.A. in Industrial Design, College of Fine Arts, Hong-ik University
Ÿ B.A. in Display Design, MJM, France

김명환 학과장님 사진

Kim, Myeong Hwan

Ÿ Kookmin University, BA Industrial Design )
Ÿ Musashino Art University, MA Scenography and Display
Ÿ University of Tsukuba, MA Plastic Art and Mixed Media
Ÿ Kyushu Institute of Design, Ph.D Visual Communication Design
Ÿ National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Exhibition Designer
Ÿ Seoul Arts Center, Hangaram Design Museum, Curator
Ÿ The 4th Gwangju Biennale, Exhibition Designer
Ÿ The 1th Gwangju Design Biennale, Exhibition Designer

김아인 교수님 사진


Ÿ Ewha Womans University, BS Mathematics
Ewha Womans University, MA Environmental Design
Hongik University, Doc. Candidate in Spatial Design
KISD Member of Board of Directors
KOSES Executive Board Member
Uiwang City OOH Advertising Deliberation Council Members
SIGONGtech, Exhibition Planner
Planning for Culture Adventure of Asia Culture Center Children
Planning for DDP Design Museum
Planning for Paper Gallery of Museum SAN

권정민 교수님 사진

Jungmin Kwon

Ÿ Hochschuel fuer Bildende Kuenste Hamburg, BA,MA Visuelle Kommunikation Ÿ Goldsmiths, University of London, MFA Curating
Ÿ Ewha Womans University, PhD candidate in Studies in Visual Art
Ÿ Daelim museum, Chief Curator
Ÿ Kukje Gallery, Assistant Director

김운걸 교수님 사진

Kim, Un Geol

Ÿ Sejong University, BA Industrial Art
Ÿ Hongik University , MA Industrial Arts Space Design
Ÿ Hongik University, DR. Space Design
Ÿ Shinsegae, and Hanwha Galleria, VMD designer
Ÿ Director of the Korea Society of Basic Design & Art
Ÿ Director of the Korea Visual Merchandising Association.