Academic Discipline

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Educational Objectives

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The Living Design Department trains cultural industry leaders who create designs with stories and emotional values.

The focus is on individual philosophies and perspectives, creating designs for living goods, home & fashion goods, living furniture, and cultural goods, and offering new lifestyle values and services. Students cultivate the ability to understand technologies and materials related to lifestyle trends, for the self-production and self-promotion of goods in a flexible manufacturing system, based on studio-centered and authorial designs.


학과 특성화전략
Semester Division Course Title Credit Lecture
1-1 Major Living Design Trend 3 3 0
Digital Design Skill Ⅰ 3 1 2
Living Goods Making 4 1 3
Soft Goods Making 4 1 3
Living Furniture Making 4 1 3
Subtotal 18 7 11
1-2 Major Living Goods Design 4 1 3
Soft Goods Design 4 1 3
Living Furniture Design 4 1 3
Digital Design Skill Ⅱ 3 1 2
Design Thinking 3 1 2
Subtotal 19 5 14
2-1 Major Living Goods Studio 4 1 3
Soft Goods Studio 4 1 3
Living Funiture Studio 4 1 3
Living Design Branding I 3 1 2
Living Design Business I 3 1 2
Subtotal 18 5 13
2-2 Major Graduation Project 1 0 1
Living Design Branding II 3 1 2
Living Design Business II 3 1 2
Living Goods Studio Ⅱ 4 0 3
Living Design Nexus Studio 4 1 3
Living Making Studio 4 0 4
Subtotal 19 3 16
Total 74 20 54
하지훈 교수님 사진

Ha, Jihoon (Chair of Department)

BFA Furniture Design Major, Hongik Univ.
“Next Generation Design Leader” by the Ministry of Commerce Industry and Energy. 2005, 2009
“Young Artist of the Year” by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. 2009.

김태선 교수님 사진


BFA, Industrial Design Major, Kookmin Univ.MFA, Furniture Design Major, Kookmin Univ.
complete a doctorate, Interior Design Major, Kookmin Univ.
MFA, Interior Design Retail Management, Politecnico di Milano Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
Hanssem Co. Ltd.
Seoul Design Foundation

김재호 학과장님 사진

Kim Jaeho

BFA, Industrial Design Major, Keimyung Univ.
MFA, Industrial Design Major, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Design Manager, Advanced Design Team, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
Jury of Korea Good Design Award

안수연 교수님 사진

Sooyun Ahn

PhD, Industrial Design, Politechnico di Milano, Italy
MFA, Furniture Design, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
Representative, Kaywon Creative Commerce
CEO, Design Export Club
CEO, Design Rise Inc.

전소윤 교수님 사진

Jeon Soyun

BA Industrial Design, Major, Kookmin Univ.
MA Sustainable Product Design Major, UCCA
PhD Industrial Design Major, Hongik Univ.
The International Sustainable Design studio(London. Design Director), ISD(Industrial Sustainable Design center, Founder)
A study on Smart-Grid System with reinforces user awareness & action in saving electricity
Design of Empathy: Creative Open-Design/ Design of Relationship-Big data: Future design code