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Educational Objectives

The Digital Media Design Department combines design with IT and media. It facilitates the production of creative cultural content within the digital media industry by combining the strengths of design, science, and technology to form a curriculum that focuses on the needs of the business community.

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Merging a wide variety of content (including text, images, video, sound, and design) with key IT technologies, the coursework produces talented people with the confidence and ability to plan and produce all forms of new digital media.


학과 특성화전략
Semester Division 영문 교과목명 Credit Lecture
1-1 Major Understanding Media & Technology 4 1 3
Major Introduction to Design 4 1 3
Major Introduction to Drawing 4 1 3
Major Introduction to Moving Image 4 1 3
Major Digital Storytelling 4 1 3
Subtotal 20 5 15
1-2 Major Contents Design 4 1 3
Major Contents Planning 4 1 3
Major Moving Image Design 4 1 3
Major 3D Design 4 1 3
Major Contents Programming 4 1 3
Subtotal 20 5 15
2-1 Major Project Studio I 4 0 4
Major Web Standard Publishing 4 1 3
Major Project Planning I 반 별 2 과 목 선 택 4 1 3
Major Media Prototyping
Major UI/UX Design I
Major Visual Communication I 4 1 3
Major Media Programming I
Major Interaction Programming I
Subtotal 16 3 13
2-2 Major Project Studio II 4 0 4
Major Portfolio & Presentation 4 0 4
Major Graduation Project 0 0 0
Major Project Planning II 반 별 2 과 목 선 택 4 1 3
Major Media Design
Major UI/UX Design II
Major Visual Communication II 4 1 3
Major Media Programming II
Major Interaction Programming II
Subtotal   16 2 14
Major total   72 15 57
Total   72 15 57
정은경 학과장님 사진

Zong, Eun Kyung (Chair of Department)

Visual Design, Seoul National Univ.(BA)
Computer Graphics, Seoul National Univ.(MA)
Psychotherapist License, Yonsei Univ.
DTP Course Work, New England School of Art & Design
DTP Course Work, Massachusetts College of Art
Designer, Samsung Designstorm
CDO, Worldtipsnet
Designer, Apple Center, Seoul

심한수 교수님 사진

Shim, Han Su

Chemistry, POSTECH(BA)
Researcher, Nowcom Technology Lab.
CEO, Real Data System
Virtual Reality System, Cheong Wa Dae
New Media Exhibition, Gwacheon National Science Museum
New Media Exhibition, Kidzania Seoul
Exhibition Committee, Gwacheon National Science Museum

김성은 교수님 사진

KIM, Seong Eun

Film and Digital Media Design, Hongik Univ.(Ph.D.Cand)
Advertising Design, Hongik Univ.(MA)
Multi Media Design, Hongik Univ.(MA.Cand)
UI/UX Planning for Samsung Electronics Intranet
UI Design for POSCO Steel Gallery KIOSK
UI Design for CHEONG WA DAE Virtual Reality Exhibition
UI Guideline Design for KT
Vice President, Communication Design Association of Korea
Books : Digital Contents Planning, Homepage Remodeling

이아람 교수님 사진

Lee, Ah Ram

Intellectual Property, Hongik Univ.(Ph.D. Candidate)
Intellectual Property, Hongik Univ.(MA)
Multimedia, Dankook Univ.(MS)
Smart TV Widgets, The Shilla Hotels & Resorts, UI Design
SK Mobile Groupware Mobile Application, SK Telecom, UI Design
SK Telecom Paperless Office Application, SK Telecom, UI Design
Samsung Mobile Widgets, Samsung Electronics, UI Design

최미선 교수님 사진

Choi Mi Sun

Advertising Design, Hongik Univ.(MA)
Industrial Design, Kyunghee Univ.(BA)
GUI Designer, Samsung SDS
Web Producer, Samsung DesignStorm
CEO, 2Binteractive Inc.
Web Style Book to Expand Design, ahn graphics publishers
Global Web Style Guide Development & Web Design Project(29 Countries), Samsung Mobile
School IPTV Service UI Planning Project, SK BroadbandWeb Design Project, Samsung SDS
Web Design Project, Samsung Group

장윤제 교수님 사진


Imaging Science and Arts, Chung-Ang Univ.(Ph.D)
Digital Media Design, Ewha womans Univ.(MA)
Moving Image, Dankook Univ.(BA)
UX/UI Researcher, “Smart Big Board” Project, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
UI Design, “Development of the korea traditional color system” Project, Korea Creative Content Agency
UI Design, Spongebob happy world, Interactive media installations “Spongebob H”
Design, LG Art Project “Ring the Bell” with AKA, “G-Padorama”
Design, “Ready, Action”, Jeju Museum of Art, Interactive media installations “Jumping Island”

이순행 교수님 사진

Lee, SoonHaeng

MA, Masters in Multimedia Studies, EWHA Womans University
BA, Major in Computer Science, DongDuk Women’s University
KAC Coach, specialized in MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) / STRONG (Strong Interest Inventory), Korea Coach Association
Youth Mentor, Korea Youth Foundation
Committee Member, Youth Policy Committee of Cities of Gwacheon and Uiwang
Manager, Online Communication Division of Samyang Holdings.
Director, E-biz Division of Frameout Co. Ltd.
Team Leader, Global Development Center of ActsOne Co. Ltd.

김형로 교수님 사진

Kim, Hyoung Ro

Business Administration, MyongJi Univ. Ph.D Candidate
Hoseo Graduate School of Global Entrepreneurship (MA)
Computer Engineering, MyongJi Univ. (MA)
IT Division, DongBu Securities Ltd.
System Development Division, Daewoo Information Systems Ltd.
Director, Korea Association of Entrepreneurship Education
Vice-president, Korea SOHO Association
Auditing Director, Korea Technology Transfer Agents Association
Research Fellow, KISED, Center for Creative Economy & Innovation, Small Business Deistribution Center, Korea
Entrepreneurship foundation, Human Development Service of Korea, SBA
Startup Manual of Korea, Successful Entrepreneurship and Creative economy, ASP Project Programming, PHP Web
Programming, Multi-media Home Page Creation etc 13Books Publishing.