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Educational Objectives

Students in the Game Media Department learn the entire spectrum of game production from planning to programming to design. The curriculum includes writing scripts for prototype games, game production projects, and game interface designs based on current gaming trends.

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Hands-on projects have been designed to help students gain experience in such areas as character design, 3-D animation, backgrounds, and presentation techniques. Our goal is to train game media experts who will someday play key roles in the industry.


학과 특성화전략
Semester Division Course Title Credit Lecture
1-1 Major Digital Storytelling 3 1 2
Understanding 3D Graphic 3 0 3
Game Concept Design 3 0 3
Understanding Game Development 3 1 2
Thinking Math 3 1 2
Techniques for Game Graphic 3 1 2
Subtotal 18 4 14
1-2 Major 3D Character Design 3 1 2
Game Design 3 1 2
Game Interface Design 3 1 2
Character Animation 3 1 2
Understanding Algorithm 3 1 2
Game Programming 3 1 2
Games Start-Up Marketing 3 0 3
Subtotal 21 6 15
2-1 Major Techniques for Presentation 3 1 2
3D Game Animation 3 0 3
Game Development Project 3 1 2
Game Design Studio 3 1 2
Game Contents Design 3 1 2
3D Game Programming 3 1 2
Game Development Studio 3 1 2
Subtotal 21 6 15
2-2 Major Game Character Studio 3 1 2
Game Level Design 3 1 2
Game Graphic Studio 3 1 2
Special Project 3 1 2
Game Artificial Intelligence 3 1 2
Graduation Project 1 0 1
Subtotal 16 5 11
Total 76 21 55
Cindy Heuieun Hong

Hong, HeuiEun (Chair of Department)

University of the Arts, Chelsea College of Arts and Design, UK/ Foundation
University of the Arts, Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, UK/ Fine Arts (BA)
University of the Arts, Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, UK/ Fine Arts (MA)
Seoul National University, College of Human Ecology/ (Ph.D.Cand)

SEMAS, Marketing Development Project_ Network Development Project, PI
Rural Women Leaders Foundation, C-Commerce Development Project, PI
Rural Women Leaders Foundation, The Program of Specialization for Women Entrepreneurship Education, PI
Promoting Rural Industry Development Project, Developed Experience Program and Design, PI
Exhibition, ‘Future Trends in Visual Communication Design' Nottingham Trent University, UK

Jong-Hyun Kim

Kim, JongHyeon

Seoul National University, College of Natural Science (B.S.)
Seoul National University, College of Natural Science, Concentration in parallel Processing (M.S.)
SungkyunkwanUniversity, College of Engineering, Concentration in mobile computing & affective engineering (Ph.D, Doctor of Engineering)

University of Southern California, USA_ Research professor
Member of 3D Educational Standard Division at the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, 2011-13
Member of the Standardization Strategy Map for Telecommunications Technology Association of the Ministry of Knowledge Management, 2012-16
Design Tech, Design Foundation of Seoul Metropolitan City, Creative Director, 2013-14
Member of the Virtual Reality Policy Forum of the Ministry of Knowledge Management, 2013-14
Chair of the K Content Smart Education Sub-committee of the Ministry of Knowledge Management, 2015

Teresa Cho

Cho, Teresa

University of Dundee, Faculty of the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, UK / Graphic Design (BA)
University for the Creative Arts, UK / Visual Communication Design (MA)
University for the Creative Arts, UK / 3D Design (MA)
University of Westminster, UK / Interface Design (Ph.D)

Media Design, UK_ Graphic Designer
Multimedia&Film Chung-Ang University, GSAIM_ VR Game Designer
Hyundai Motors Company, Design Planning Support Team_ VR Interface Design, Emotional Interface Design
Evaluation Board of the Department of Game, Degree grade bank system, National Institute for Lifelong Education
Korea Industrial Complex Corporation, R&D Capacity Building Project
Annecy International Animation File Festival, FRANCE


Cha, SooHyun

Dongguk University Graduate School of Video Information and Communication, Multimedia Design (MA)

Development of one-way application icon
Protect our country's history!’
Teacher Exciting Experience VR Program
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering: Modeling & Animation
Cymer data control design
‘Digital Art Therapy Content’ Startup Magical Business
‘DJ MAX’ Netmarble
R2B: Netmarble for ‘return-to-base’
Netmarble of ‘Airro-Shooter Online’
‘Monster Crasher’ shooting (self-development)
Extreme Society, Extreme Bike Sonic entertainment
KTF's next-generation mobile game ‘Bettle Wing’ and 10 other types

Han, DoHee

Department of Gameware, Kaywon University of Arts (AD)

SCA Game Suwon 3D Graphics Instructor
CEO of Xos Game Lab
Sunbisoft Graphics Team Leader
Game Network Character Modeler
Game project development
Flagon (Webzen), Queen's Idol (Seonbi Soft), Makta Defense (Xos Game Lab)

Baek, Miseon

Hanyang University, Applied Art Education (BFA)
Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Design & Engineering (MS) / HCI Lab.

GALBRO INC. Art Director (Developed CAT ALONE series, FAUCET, Pimple Pop, and many other mobile games)
Samsung Publishing Co.,Ltd, Edu&IT Group(currently, The Pink Pong Company) / Design Team Leader
SK broadband Co.,Ltd / Contents Marketing Team
Gamania Korea Co.,Ltd / Team Everquest2, Team Gersang
Game development for SK hynix SEDEX exhibition
Participate in SKT ‘VUX Design Rationale’ project
UX/UI Design for Daum TV POOQ (currently wavve) 

Seo, Jane

Ewha Woman University, Psychology (BA)
Sogang University, Art & Technology (MA)
Ewha Woman University, Content Convergence (Ph.D.Cand)

Nexon GT development game designer
4:33 Team Altair game designer
NHN Stratege support team

Lee, SunHang

Department of Animation at Namseoul University (BA)

Korean Hair Style Image AI Dataset Construction by Information Society Agency / Working-level Manager
Mobile SRPG Tertius / Project Director
Mobile Battle Action Game Battle Show / Project Director
Mobile ARPG Slayers Foundation Academy / Project Director
Mobile TCG Twodimensia / Director of Design
Mobile ADV Detective Karn / Design Officer
PCARPG Violentica / Director of Design

Kim, RyungKyung

Kaywon University of Art & Design, Game Media (AD)

HallChuu Co.,Ltd / UI/UX Designer
Mseed Co.,Ltd / Game Graphic Designer
Nexon Korea Co.,Ltd / MapleStory2 Team_User Interface Design Part Leader
Nexon Korea Co.,Ltd / MapleStory World Team_Game Designer & UI/UX Designer
Graphic lnterface Design Art-Work Exhibition, NDC(NEXON Developers Conference)2019

Development Project
- Mobile & Web Platfom, Hallchuu
- Mobile 2D Puzzle Game, DrillPang
- Mobile 2D Casual RPG, PuccaWarz
- Mobile & Oline 3D RPG, MapleStory2
- Mobile & Oline Sandbox Platformer Engine and Game Platfom, MapleStory World

Sa, KiSuk

Kaywon University of Art & Design, Game Media (AD)

NEOWIZ Corp. Concept Artist / 'Guitar Girl' Project
SWA(Seoul Webtoon Academy) Tutor
Tales Shop - Her World
Smile Gate - Qrare:Magic Library
Nexon - Ar:piel
KOG - Elsword
Lion Games - Soul Worker
Flero Games - Goddess Kiss : O.V.E
Load Complete - Ride Zero